Melaka Straits City – the first smart city where only cryptocurrencies will be used

Melaka Straits City – the first smart city where only cryptocurrencies will be used

Melaka has two artificial islands. One is already built and a bridge joins the continent. The second one is under construction. 

On the already built island is the Melaka Floating Mosque and so far little else. I say so far because Chinese builders have taken over the unpopulated surface to build a huge leisure and luxury resort.  

When you talk to the locals of Malaysia and Singapore the phrase “the Chinese people are everywhere” always come out. And they are responsible for building all the new infrastructure. They also say they don’t like it. They are loudest, messy and rude.

In fact, I was impressed by the large touristic complex they are building. It is not the first time that China creates artificial islands in the Asian Sea. In fact, in 2015 I read an article where Southeast Asian nations were worried about the decision taken by China to occupy the South Sea. In that case, it was said that China converted coral reefs into islands where establish base ports and control fishing and oil, challenging the other Asian countries.  

In Melaka they have gone further and are building the first smart city where only the cryptocurrency will be used (currency or digital currency that is exchanged for contracts, intellectual property, stocks or services) and will be operated through the blockchain. The cryptocurrency will be called DMI coins and it will be used to pay public services within the city through the mobile phone and computer. It will be have an exchange system that will allow tourist to exchange their coins for DMI coins. The engineering company that is built the first crypto city is China Wuyi with the SWT International Sdn Bhd investment network. They intend to make Melaka the largest tourist destination in Malaysia and expect it to attract three millions visitors a year.  

In the image you can see the entrance of a part of this large complex called “Malaka Gateway” where luxury cruisers will disembark and connections will be made for Melaka Straits City.  

The same night I discovered the island of Melaka I met a girl of Lithuania who explained to me that she had been in Laos, in the lost mountain villages. Children who live in that area have it clear. China is the great world power and that is why they want to study Chinese language. “Europe is poor”, they say, their desire is to learn the Chinese language to travel (emigrate) to China where will find a work. History repeats itself, people from North Africa who emigrate looking for better conditions in Europe. Laos people looking for a better future in China. Both groups without knowing that paradise does not exist.