Said’s kitchen

Said’s kitchen

That afternoon we wanted to see the sunset at the Mosque of Melaka, but suddenly it started to rain so we stayed in La Vie En Rose Guesthouse with Saïd, the owner from Lebanon and other backpackers among those who was Himanshu Goel (@sometraveldreams) a guy from India who is travelling around the world with his bike. 

Saïd saw that I had a blog and he asked me if I could write about one of his recipes. Cooking is his passion. I told him, half-joking, that his profession should be that of a cook and he laughed. He told to me that the only people who appreciate his dishes are foreigners like us. People from Melaka doesn’t like his meal or never dare to give it a try. So if he put a restaurant he wouldn’t be successful. 

Saïd wanted to cook Tahini for Hummus and Falafel. He told me that I will be surprised because his recipe is not the typical one that we can search in the Internet. So here we go, I started to record how he cooked and gave an explanation about the recipe and some various ingredients. 

Here you can read the recipe. The measurements are approximated.

Tahini recipe

  • 1 tablespoon of bean oil

  • 2 cups of white bean (we were so excited about the recipe that we forgot to ask Saïd what kind of bean it was)

  • 2 cups white sesame

  • 3-10 cloves of garlic (to your liking according to whether you like it with more or less garlic flavour)

  • 3 cups of oil to grind the mixture

  • 2 cups cauliflower powder

  • 1 tablespoon of salt

  • 1 cup white vinegar

  • ½ liters of water



  1. Toast the beans. Only until they take a little colour and the oil disappears.
  2. Crush the beans until they are powdered. Dump in a bowl.
  3. Toast the white sesame in the same pan (without water or oil) as the beans until it gets a slightly brown colour
  4. Crush and add to the bean container.
  5. Add the garlic
  6. Add the 3 cups of oil
  7. Add the cups of cauliflower powder
  8. Add salt
  9. Add vinegar
  10. Grind and half add water

And here we are!

Here you can see the process: