If two months ago I had been told that I am a knowmad person, I would have been really surprised. I know I am a crazy girl, but if somebody tells you are “mad”, it’s different…

Now I know that we, knowmads, have some madness, yes, that is why we would not have the strength to develop all those ideas and projects in which we believe and find sense in. Projects, which improve our environment and society.

To know well what a knowmad is, let me introduce you to Dr. John Moravec, researcher, futurist, author and, above all, knowmad. He is the creator of the knowmad concept and Education Future LLC founder.

Moravec, already in 2008, spoke about the new nomads of the 21st century. Over time and more than a decade later, the concept makes sense and defines a whole generation of workers who learn using different resources.

John Moravec defines a knowmad as:

A knowmad is a nomadic knowledge worker who is creative, imaginative, innovative, and who can work with almost anybody, anytime, and anywhere. Knowmads are valued for their individual-level knowledge, and create new value by applying what they know, contextually, to solve problems or generate new opportunities.


(Dr. John Moravec, August 22, 2018 – https://www.educationfutures.com/blog/post/knowmads-definition)



The best of all is that the knowmad has no age restriction. He is aware that he has to unlearn to learn again and that knowledge, to be effective, must be conceptualized. Also, he is not afraid of failure and is able to collaborate with other people.

Anytime is a good time to start being a knowmad or to realize that you already are one, as has happened to me. The fact of taking a break after working more than 12 years at the same place, makes me value what I learned and put into practice so far, and helps me see what is waiting for me in that exciting trip.

New cultures, interesting people and projects with a lot of value and with plenty of social transformation.


The adventure begins!