I am Anna Blázquez and I define myself as a knowmad. A creative, innovative social and proactive person, flexible and able to work in collaboration with other people from different parts of the planet.

My goal is to improve the world through innovation and creativity.

On my trip I would like to meet other people like me, who are involved in a project whose objective is to improve their social and educational environment.


Are you a knowmad person too?

If you are one of them, I would like to know your project and who knows if a possible collaboration comes out!

For my part, I offer myself to:

Listen and learn about your project, in addition to interviewing for my blog.

Give a talk/debate to teachers about education and technology

Workshops with children and adolescents on creative technology.

Explain my experience as a traveler and volunteer in different countries.

You can read my professional profile on Linkedin and contact me via twitter or also Linkedin (upon request of contact).

Sign up the countries and cities I will visit:

Singapore – Malaca – Kuala Lumpur – Shanghai – Jeju – Osaka – Kyoto – Hanoi – Hue – Ho Chi Minh – Siem Riep – Phnom Phen – Bangkok


Buenos Aires – Santiago de Chile – Lima – Cuzco – Mexico DF – León – Los Ángeles – San Francisco – Boston – NY


Thank you and see you soon!